Thursday 15 December 2011

Lovely interactive promo for Androp

I’ve recently written a piece about interactive music videos for CR, which brought his lovely promo-cum-game from a couple of months ago back to my mind. Created for the Japanese band Androp, it turns words into elegant, beautifully illustrated animals…

The site was created by Japanese company Party, and opens by asking the user to type in a message. The letters of this text are then transformed into an animal, with different sized creatures formed depending on the size of the message: smaller sentences become rabbits or dogs, larger ones horses or even elephants.

Players then have to try and guide their animal-message through a landscape fraught with dangers, travelling through deserts and over seas, and avoiding the other creatures that will try and destroy its letters. When you reach the end, whatever is left of the message can be shared with friends, along with the message you wanted to send. And acting as a soundtrack to the whole experience is the track Bell by Androp. Play with the site here:

You can read more about interactive videos in this month’s issue of CR, which is a music special.

1 comment:

  1. This is the sweetest piece of post modernism I've ever come across. Which is good, because mostly post modernism is poe faced and scary. thanks for the tip!