Thursday 19 January 2012

Tobias Rehberger presents Sex and Friends

All images Untitled 2011-12. Courtesy of the artist and Pilar Corrias

'Sex and Friends' is an enticing title for a show, and Tobias Rehberger's new exhibition, with its shiny sculptures and shadowplay, doesn't disappoint.

On show at Pilar Corrias in London is a new body of works by Rehberger, which follow on from those seen in his recent solo show at Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in Belgium. Rehberger's sculptures are influenced by design, and his works here appear like giant Alessi objects gone mad; everything is brightly coloured and displayed in abstract forms that are both seductive and somewhat indulgent. In the past, Rehberger has created immersive installations; here the works are united by his use of special lighting effects to create shadows that spill across the room.

Some of the shadows spell out words - most obviously the sculpture displayed at the entrance of the show, which shouts 'sex'. According to the press info, at certain times of day, the shadows come together to reveal a hidden message, though sadly I didn't witness this spectacle on my visit.

Rehberger's sculptures encourage you to move; in particular two Op Art-style pieces in the downstairs gallery that shift and transform depending upon the position they are viewed from. These works, and also Rehberger's playful use of shadows, serve to heighten the sense of your body within the space, and in relation to the objects. Like a visit to a kind of art funhouse, the effect is one of simple, uncomplicated pleasure.

Sex and Friends is on show at Pilar Corrias until February 17. More info is at

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