Thursday 12 July 2012

A gift of an art show

I was beguiled by this sculpture by Lizi Sánchez when I spotted it in the window of the Standpoint Gallery in Hoxton in London. The work, and other sculptures shown here by Sánchez, sees a series of ordinary art packing cases transformed into extravagant art gifts, completely with shiny paper bows and glossy wrapping.

Sánchez is both celebrating and critiquing the art world's love of the art object, by creating sculptures that appear like cartoonish presents, ready for the audience to unwrap. To further emphasise this point, she has introduced two (comparatively sober) works by Louise Lawler alongside her own. Lawler is interested in exploring how the meaning of art changes with the context of its display, and the photographs document artworks on display in American collectors' homes. Sánchez's sculptures swallow up Lawler's photographs, which cannot compete with their high camp, but perhaps this is in part her point: that sometimes the art object just won't blend in.

Beyond The Pearl by Lizi Sánchez is on show at Standpoint Gallery until July 28, more info is at

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