Friday 6 July 2012

The wonderful worlds of Sarah Sze

Detail of Model for a Twin, 2012
Sarah Sze returns to the Victoria Miro gallery this summer, with a solo show presenting a new series of her delicate, intricate installations.

Fans of Sze’s work will know what to expect from the artist by now, for she has become renowned for her elaborate assemblages created using a plethora of everyday materials. Whereas in the past, Sze’s sculptures have appeared as organic, chaotic structures, that seem to have slowly grown in the gallery space, these latest works are neater, and appear more like individual scientific tests (with the odd bird's nest thrown in), or Heath Robinson style contraptions that any moment will come whirring into life.

Model for a Print, 2012
Detail of Model for a Print, 2012
Model for a Diviner, 2012
Detail of Model for a Diviner, 2012
Installation view of Pendulum (2012)
Victoria Miro is showing a series of smaller works by Sze in its downstairs space, whereas upstairs there is one large installation. This work, titled Pendulum (2012), shown above, takes the form of a small galaxy filled with tiny experiments: there are even bubbling containers of water and small models of dead mice (waiting to be tested on?).

A member of the gallery staff is stationed next to the piece, warning viewers to stay at least three feet away from the work. Sensible as this is, it slightly breaks the work’s spell, alerting viewers to its all-too-fragile nature. But Sze’s piece fascinates regardless, in its ability to take the ordinary, average objects that litter our world and use them to create an alternative universe where their function is entirely different.

Model for a Twin, 2012
Model for a Left Foot, 2012. All images courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro Gallery, London. © Sarah Sze
Sarah Sze is on show at Victoria Miro in London until August 11 (and upstairs is the Grayson Perry exhibition, tied into his recent TV show, also well worth a visit). More info is at

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