Thursday 30 August 2012

New art from Tokyo part 3: Shohei Takasaki

Few colours in the dark, 2012

The third (and final) artist that I wanted to share from my Tokyo trip earlier this year is Shohei Takasaki, who has a show of new work opening this weekend in the city, if any of you are lucky enough to be in the vicinity.

Titled 'Few colours in the dark', the show will be at the Space Edge Warehouse in Shibuya from August 31 until September 2. It will include around 50 pieces of work including paintings, sketches, prints as well as 3D work, all featuring Takasaki's distinctive style.

Think about life, 2012

Lovers of midnight, 2012

Takasaki's work features certain reoccurring motifs, including fat-bottomed girls as well as bold lines and colours. Speaking about his work, he comments: "I have been creating art about sex and human bodies, especially female bodies, for several years now. Absolute beauty is the indefinable reason for desire. Is there anyone who can explain why people want to touch the skin of their lover? I can never get enough of that desire, even though I am experiencing it again and again, within a limited time. I want to create an object out of these desires."

You, 2012

Wake up, 2010

More info on Shohei Takasaki's work, and the forthcoming exhibition, can be found online at

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